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Protect Your Energy With A Protection Necklace Pe
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We understand the importance of protecting your energy. That's why we are here to share more on protection jewelry that will help you keep your energy safe at all times!
Refresh your Gold Iridescent Jewelry For The New
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It’s a new year which means we're in the season of freshness and newness all around! With tons of new fashion jewelry t
Jewelry Holiday Guide
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Shopping for the holidays can be a daunting, here are some simple tips to ease the stress of finding the right jewelry piece to give this holiday season!
How To Create A Personalized Layered Necklace Look
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Your Guide To Creating A Personalized Layered Necklace Look We love a personalized layered necklace look from your ever
The Story of us: The Start of a Jewelry Company
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In today's world it’s so important to feel confident about what you wear and how you look. As simple and trivial as it
Gold Beaded Hoop Earrings and How To Make The Rig
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I’ve been rocking hoop earrings for as long as I can remember! As a teen, hoops, gold beaded hoop earrings to be exact, have been a staple in my jewelry collection - and as I’ve gotten older I’m yet to be sick of them.
How much jewelry is too much?
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I am a huge fan of wearing multiple necklaces and chains at the same time and I’ve been incorporating them in my looks for years. If you love stacking and layering your jewelry check out these tips on how much jewelry you should wear together for the perfect fashionable look!

Popular Summer Jewelry Trends To Try Now!
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Popular summer jewelry trends this year to heat up your look! 

The trend for jewelry this summer is all about personalized layers, pops of color and reinvented classics. Here are the top 3 trends that you should add on your list of must-haves!

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