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How much jewelry is too much?

How to stack your gold jewelry

I am a huge fan of wearing multiple necklaces and chains at the same time and I’ve been incorporating them in my looks for years. I’ve always been into a range of styles so stacking necklaces has been a great way for me to wear and enjoy a lot of my jewelry at once. (Check out our Ultimate Guide To Layering Necklaces for a bit more on layering necklaces.) Stacking jewelry can extend past necklaces, you can layer bracelets, rings and as the weather warms up anklets! But how much is too much?

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As you create your own jewelry collection the number of pieces you wear together is just as unique as your personality. There are no real rules to how many necklaces, bracelets or rings a person can wear or even if the pieces should all fit within a particular style. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable while making sure it looks good of course! There are no boundaries when it comes to jewelry, the most important question truly is: Are you comfortable and do you feel good wearing it?

Here are a couple of tips if you plan on stacking on your jewelry.

We’ve already mentioned wearing pieces that you feel comfortable and beautiful in. This boosts your confidence to rock your look without being concerned about what others think. If you’re wearing something and you’re unsure about it, it shows. The foundation of style is confidence!

Try different textures and sizes.

Typically I love mixing different gauges, so when putting my jewelry look together I usually start with a lighter, thin chain and next add a heavier, thicker necklace to balance the look. Wearing various lengths in your stack is ideal as it creates interest and depth. Have fun; textures and sizes of your bracelets or anklets attract the eyes and this is where you can be as creative as you like.

Never feel pressured

to follow the trends or fashion advice on how many accessories you should wear. Again, do you! Wear what looks good to you, feels comfortable and makes you feel good. You never know, your look may inspire someone else to be different or try a new piece. 

Pay attention to your overall style 

to determine the right number of pieces to wear, is it sleek and polished or is it a laid back, everyday, streetwear look? Are you trying to make a fashion statement, or is the aesthetic more pragmatic?

In sum, there’s no right answer! Whether you keep it simple with a single necklace or bracelet or play it up with a couple of necklaces, bracelets and rings, the choice is yours. Be balanced and enjoy!

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