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The Story of us: The Start of a Jewelry Company

In today's world it’s so important to feel confident about what you wear and how you look. As simple and trivial as it sounds, great jewelry can help you achieve that feeling! Jewelry adds to your overall look and is the finishing touch to any outfit! It can elevate a sexy look, add fun or edginess to a simple outfit, and create interest to your style. Whether you're at the office or out for the night jewelry can be a key element to your personal style.

As a woman born and raised in the Caribbean, jewelry has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s customary that baby girls’ ears are pierced within the first few months of being born. Bracelets or chains that offer protection against bad vibes, evil or illness are adorned on babies early as well. I’ve known jewelry as a form of tradition, expression and definitely what you wear when going out. 

After working in the luxury jewelry space for over a decade I decided to launch Iridescent NYC. Iridescent is a New York based jewelry company that offers a mix of trendy and classic, quality jewelry and accessory pieces. I have first hand experience in how jewelry is designed, materials used, fit and function and importantanly, styling. Iridescent NYC was born out of an urgency to provide quality pieces at a reasonable price with designs that are modern and versatile to fit your lifestyle. A place where you can find jewelry that won’t break the bank without compromising the quality of what you buy. Jewelry that you’d actually want to wear and feel comfortable wearing everyday! 

At Iridescent NYC we offer a range of pieces from bold to minimal, essential necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings and more. Jewelry you’d enjoy wearing everyday no matter your style. We offer insights and tips on how to style your jewelry, you can check out these blog posts if you haven't already, Popular Jewelry Summer Trends and Guide To Layering Necklaces. And a fun and easy online shopping experience. 

No matter if you’re starting your jewelry journey or well in the game, let us know what is your jewelry style? How does jewelry fit into your everyday style? What are some pieces that are a must and you cannot live without!? 

Shop these Iridescent fashion jewelry looks and more at Iridescent NYC.

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