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Refresh your Gold Iridescent Jewelry For The New Year

It’s a new year which means we're in the season of freshness and newness all around! With tons of new fashion jewelry trends out right now you have the chance to use this time as the perfect reason to revamp and update your jewelry look. Refreshing and updating your jewelry for the New Year can be super exciting and even therapeutic.

Here are three insightful tips on how to refresh your gold jewelry collection for the new year:

Its best to take some time to reflect on your current wardrobe and jewelry collection and consider how you can liven it up or how you’d like to present your style moving forward. One of the easiest ways to change up your look is by switching out your accessories. A bold necklace or bracelet can quickly spice up an outfit, but you don't have to sacrifice the gold jewelry that you love or spend a lot on a brand new collection. Take the time to find new ways to wear your loved pieces.

Try new and different ways to wear your old pieces you love.

It’s okay to pull out all your jewelry and just sort through it, play with the items you have and see if you can make some cool new combinations with pieces you didn't think would work together before.

You can add interest to a basic necklace by adding a new pendant or charm or even one that you may have worn on a different necklace. This is an example of a great way to update an old favorite without having to replace the entire piece.

Mix it up with different accessories, like stacking bracelets or adding a cute ring.

If you've been wearing the same old pieces all these years, try mixing and matching them in different ways so they'll feel fresh again. Wearing the same thing every day can become boring, so don't! You can stack your bracelets or necklaces in new and exciting ways with different textured pieces and metals. Try wearing a pearl bracelet with a gold bangle or a pair of elegant earrings with a bold necklace. You don't even need to buy anything new — just find some fun ways to change things up! 

Add in some trends from the season.

One of the best tricks to updating your jewelry is to add just enough of the current season's styles and colors to your existing collection. Take a few classic items that you’ve had and infuse them with new trends and energy to create something that will look fresh for many seasons down the line.

There are plenty of other techniques and tricks that you can use to update your jewelry. Just about anything that you feel will make your current collection more interesting can be used, so don’t be afraid to experiment. And don’t forget about those accessories. A simple change in your earrings or addition with one new piece can give your entire look a new touch of class.

Remember, have fun with your jewelry and add some new pieces to keep things fresh. So go ahead & take risks with your old favorites or try something completely new for the New Year!

Let us know how you plan on refreshing your jewelry this year.

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