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Gold Beaded Hoop Earrings and How To Make The Right Choice

How to choose the perfect pair of hoops to complete your outfit? We love a great pair of gold beaded hoop earrings.

I’ve been rocking hoop earrings for as long as I can remember and choosing the perfect hoop earrings have been just my thing! As a teen, hoops - gold beaded hoop earrings to be exact, have been a staple in my jewelry collection - and as I’ve gotten older I’m yet to be sick of them. After wearing and enjoying jewelry for so many years, I’ve noticed that for me bigger isn’t always better, especially when it comes to hoop earrings.  

I prefer small-ish to medium sized (4-5 inch) hoops over larger ones for everyday wear because they’re easily workable with any outfit from jeans to dresses and even lounge wear. Don’t get me wrong, a large hoop typically does the trick for a night out but smaller ones can be incorporated into your daily wardrobe without overwhelming your neckline and leaving room to add additional jewelry pieces! Bigger isn’t always better because balance and proportion is key!

 A good pair of hoops are an everyday kind of piece that can be worn with almost anything. Smaller sized hoops are perfect for everyday wear and they make a statement without being too loud. Bigger hoops are great for evenings or parties and making a statement. It's a good idea to play around with different styles, sizes and texture of hoops so to help we've been building a wide collection of hoop earrings so you can have as much variety as possible.


gold beaded hoop earrings

Takeaways and tips for choosing the perfect gold hoop earrings:

  1. Bigger is not always better with hoop earrings, it's good to balance out your jewelry with an everyday, easy-to-wear piece.
  2. Small hoops are perfect for everyday wear and they make a statement without being too flashy. Try a pair of small thick hoop earrings, they are the best of both worlds. Larger hoops are bold and attention grabbing, it can elevate a simple outfit. 
  3. Hoop earrings aren't going out of style any time soon, style them with practically any look.

 What size and style hoops are you into?

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