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Protect Your Energy With A Protection Necklace Pendant

Protect Your Energy With A Protection Necklace Pendant

A protection necklace pendant and other protection jewelry can be a beautiful way to accessorize while bringing inspiration and ease into your life. Although protection jewelry is most commonly thought to safeguard against external negative energy and bad luck, it can also protect you from the effects of your own toxic thoughts and feelings. It also helps you feel more secure when making important decisions or engaging in new endeavors.

How does protection jewelry work?

For starters it’s important to note that any type of jewelry can protect you- as long as it’s made with a protective and positive intention. And though a protection necklace pendant can sometimes seem like a small thing to wear, it can truly bring much comfort and protection into your life. Wearing this jewelry is a powerful way to set the intent of keeping your goals and vision strong. Because, in wearing a necklace, there is a physical reminder of what you’re trying to achieve – whether it be your health and fitness plan, family, work goals etc. 

Cleansing your protection jewelry before wearing them is definitely recommended. The cleansing process gets rid of any leftover energy it may have picked up on its way to you, allowing you to start with a clean slate. You can cleanse your jewelry using Sage or Palo Santo, running it under water or even letting it sit under the moon! There are many ways to cleanse, so try a few out and see what feels best for you.

Whichever form you choose to wear, protection jewelry will help you feel more secure when going through life’s daily challenges.The best way to use it is to make an intentional choice to wear it every day. The symbolism will become part of your mind and body through the repetition of everyday living. 

The SYVN collection has energy protection jewelry for you to show off your style and fashion sense as well as your commitment to both yourself and protecting your energy. These pieces were specifically curated for those who are looking for ways to feel safe, peaceful and at ease. There really is something here for everyone, so take the time to browse these wonderful options and find the right one for you!

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